Dividend Portfolio

Every investor has different goals and objectives.

Some investors are interested in trying to beat the market, others are concerned of the safety of their investments, and others about growth and increasing income. Whatever the reasons, there is no one fits all strategy to any investors.

Dividend Growth Investing

As a dividend growth investor, our goal is to live off  our growing passive income through dividends without harvesting  the capital.

I have narrowed my equities down to a single digit of six (6) from a total of thirteen (13) companies. Four of them are monthly paying dividends and two are quarterly payers.

Reinvesting Strategy

I follow a very simple approach. All dividends are reinvested regularly by buying shares to any undervalued company of my holdings every month.

In turn, allowing my dividend income to grow faster through the magic of compounding. Finally, implementing this strategy is deciding an online brokerage that has cheaper commission per transaction.

Canadian Dividend Portfolio:

Canadian Dividend Watchlists:

I am always on a lookout of a good undervalued company to add to my holdings and these are some of the few that meet my criteria.

My Final Thoughts

Past performance is not indicative of future results. Exercising due diligence is paramount to every investor.


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