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Hello, and welcome to my blog!

My name is Rommel Faunillan. I am a critical care nurse by profession, a husband, father, entrepreneur, and blogger as a hobby.

My passion lies in personal finance, saving, and investing.  Whatever I am going to share is a combination of personal life experiences and my dedicated research on these topics. Identically, I have evolved myself over the years and constantly learning.

Similarly, I am always a huge fan of financial literacy. However, the very basic fundamentals of how money works was missing during my entire time while I was in school. Instead, I was told to study hard, get good grades and get a degree in college. Sounds familiar? Then, you are not alone.

In addition, I believe learning is a two way process. Either by receiving feedback through asking questions, interacting, and sharing information. Essentially, we are both educating ourselves. In other words, I will be pushing myself with this crusade of sharing our journey to financial freedom with the support of others in this community who have the same goals of paying it forward.

Moreover, I am no expert in personal finance, nor a financial planner/adviser or have a degree in business and accounting. In fact, far from it, as I am a registered nurse by profession.

One other thing, I truly find value in taking different perspectives throughout my life’s existence into account which is why I would like to share what my journey was like and the impact it has had on my personal life!

It will be my greatest inspiration if readers will find value in the content of my blog. Thank you all, very much.

DISCLAIMER: As a simple reminder, the information on this blog represents my own personal opinion and should NOT be considered as advice. If you find any post that may interest you, kindly exercise due diligence and consult a trained professional in making financial or investment decisions.