The top 30 largest corporations of the Philippines

The top 30 largest corporations of the Philippines form the PSEi index, the main stock index of the country. Some of these companies are subsidiaries from same group of Philippine corporations.

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In investors language the 30 largest corporations are also commonly called blue chip companies.

What are blue chips companies?

The term "Blue Chips" believed to have originated from the game of poker, where the blue ones are the most expensive.

In stock market, blue chips refers to the largest companies measured by asset size or market capitalization, history of reliable financial growth and quality earnings.

Links to top 30 public listed companies in the Philippines PSEI in ALPHABETICAL order (aug. 2019)

To make ease browsing with on this list, the links will direct you to the information of any of these companies.
  1. Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Inc. – sector: Holding Firms
  2. Aboitiz Power Corp. – sector: Energy & Utilities
  3. Alliance Global Group, Inc. – sector: Holding Firms
  4. Ayala Corporation – sector: Holding Firms
  5. Ayala Land, Inc. – sector: Real Estate
  6. Bank of The Philippine Islands – sector: Finance
  7. BDO Unibank, Inc. – sector: Finance
  8. Bloomberry Resorts Corporation - sector: Consumer Discretionary
  9. DMCI Holdings, Inc. – sector: Holding Firms
  10. First Gen Corporation – sector: Energy & Utilities
  11. Globe Telecom, Inc. – sector: Telecommunications
  12. GT Capital Holdings, Inc. – sector: Holding Firms
  13. International Container Terminal Services, Inc. – sector: Transportation & Logistics
  14. JG Summit Holdings, Inc. – sector: Holding Firms
  15. Jollibee Foods Corporation – sector: Food & Beverages
  16. LT Group, Inc. – sector: Holding Firms
  17. Manila Electric Company – sector: Energy & Utilities
  18. Megaworld Corporation – sector: Real Estate
  19. Metro Pacific Investments Corporation – sector: Holding Firms
  20. Metropolitan Bank & Trust Company – sector: Finance
  21. Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company – sector: Telecommunications
  22. Puregold Price Club, Inc. – sector: Commerce
  23. Robinsons Land Corporation – sector: Real Estate
  24. Robinsons Retail Holdings, Inc. – sector: Commerce
  25. San Miguel Corporation – sector: Food & Beverages
  26. Security Bank Corporation – sector: Finance
  27. SM Investments Corporation – sector: Holding Firms
  28. SM Prime Holdings, Inc. – sector: Real Estate
  29. Semirara Mining And Power Corporation – sector: Mining / Energy & Utilities
  30. Universal Robina Corporation – sector: Food & Beverages


My Final Thoughts


This is a good start for looking at blue chip companies to partner with. As a new investor I will buy companies that I understand what business they are in.

Many of these companies you're already acquainted with and have been doing business with them such as food sector (e.g. Jollibee) , financial sector (e.g. BDO) , shopping malls (e.g. SM) and telecommunications (e.g. Globe or PLDT).

Keep it simple. The key is being consistent and invest regularly if you can. Apply those stock fundamentals mentioned on my previous post and narrow down the companies to partner with, depending on how much funds you can afford to invest.

Happy Investing Everyone!


Are you a beginner or a seasoned investor? Which blue chip companies have you invested in and why?
Let me know in the comment section below.


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