A year ago Wealthsimple Trade app launched the very first NO commission trade brokerage in Canada. Since then, I have built a Canadian Dividend portfolio outside my main brokerage.


Below are the holdings of my WS Trade Canadian Dividend Growth Investing. Any purchases in the future will be reflected when published accordingly and this portfolio will update daily automatically.


What's new?

  • Firstly, I have added a column for new funds and will add if I have spare cash.
  • Secondly, I will mark in CYAN if there is new company added to this portfolio.
  • Finally, I have highlighted in Neon GREEN companies who have so far increased their dividend payout this year 2021.


Kindly be patient as the table may load slowly.


LIVE - WS Trade Canadian DGI Portfolio


My Final Thoughts


The launching of WS Trade NO commission trading platform in Canada has made it possible for new investors to start investing even with minimal funds (link here). Above table and graphs showed that even such a small amount you can slowly create your own passive income through dividends. Additionally, you can build your own investment portfolio without the headache of paying exorbitant fees or commission every time you buy and sell your investments.


However, I would like to make it clear that in my opinion this brokerage isn't perfect and only ideal to build a portfolio of Canadian stocks either in your TFSA or Personal account (once all your registered accounts have been maxed out) for the preferential tax benefit of Canadian eligible dividends.


This DGI portfolio has returned 17.85% YTD and has provided a passive income of $316.97 for 2020.  Currently, next year 2021 projected annual income is $499.14 if portfolio shares remain same as of Jan. 31, 2021 and dividends not reinvested, or No additional funds, and if companies decide No dividend hikes. ( Check Jan. 31 projected annual income vs. current projected annual income)


However, I am confident that I have built a portfolio of dividend growth stocks and majority of these companies, if not all, will increase their dividend pay out this year.  Furthermore, my goal is to continue to reinvest all dividends and add extra funds when able. As a result, I am expecting an increase of annual income for this portfolio by the end of 2021. This non-registered account supplements my TFSA and RRSP registered accounts.


Finally, I am hoping that this will encourage anyone to start your investing journey by tracking this dividend growth investing portfolio. Feel free to comment and ask questions below. Good luck and stay safe everyone.


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