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  • What are the Important Dates for Dividend Investors?

    What are the Important Dates for Dividend Investors?

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    An important aspect in understanding dividend paying stocks is the knowledge of important dividend dates. A dividend is typically a form of cash distribution paid to investors out of the company’s earnings. What are the key dividend dates? 1. Declaration Date: Also known as the announcement date,  is the date...Read More »
  • TFSA Dividend Income

    TFSA Dividend Income

    At first, when I started investing in the stock market a few years ago, it was more about trying it out and see if it works for me. I was more of a trader and didn’t pay too much attention to dividend income. Admittedly, I wasn’t happy with the results....Read More »
  • My Top 10 Canadian Dividend Stocks

    My Top 10 Canadian Dividend Stocks

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    As a dividend investor my primary goal is building passive income through dividends. I have developed my own strategy which was focused on steady and increasing dividends. The last 10 bullish years ending in 2019 have provided excellent returns for many investors. However, most of the Canadian stocks in my...Read More »